14 Things I Remember about Being 14

14 Things I remember about being 14

In March, I waxed nostalgic about the 30th anniversary of a favorite movie of mine, The Breakfast Club. What I didn’t make explicit then, but will now, is that I was 14 years old when that movie came out. To be honest, I pretty much hated being 14. But something dawned on me as I [Read More]

I’m on Scary Mommy!

I'm on Scary Mommy!

I’m excited to share that a post I wrote last week, If The Breakfast Club Were Parents Today, is being featured on Scary Mommy! If you’re dropping by from Scary Mommy for the first time, then welcome! I blog about the humorous things in life, everything from my parenting mishaps, to my misadventures in Disney World, [Read More]

What I CAN Do

What I Can Do

I have a background in Early Childhood Education. One of the best things I learned while doing my studies, and then teaching in daycare centers, was how to reframe a negative into a positive. For example, when I was little, our teachers used to tell us, “Don’t run in the hall.” Today, though, you’ll hear [Read More]

Mommy Reality Challenge – Breaking Bads

Happy New Year Break Your Bad

I’m excited to be co-hosting the Mommy Reality Challenge for the next two weeks. It’s a casual, awesome, REAL group of moms who tell it like it is – no Pinterest or Facebook Super Divas here! My thanks to Jen at Jenerally Informed and Celeste at Leapfrog and Lipgloss for letting me co-host. Read on to [Read More]

When I Met Rick Springfield

Meeting Rick Springfield

The year was 2000. My husband and I were ensconced in a hotel room in beautiful downtown Canton, Ohio. We had come to celebrate the millennium with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, of which my father, a former professional football player with the Los Angeles Rams, was a member. My husband was geeking out. [Read More]

10 Great One-hit Wonders


Something amazing happened last week. People liked one of my blog posts. I mean, they really liked it! At last glance, my little post on 10 Things to Say to the Trick-or-Treaters Dressed as Elsa was liked by over four thousand people on Facebook. Four thousand! My previous best was probably less than a hundred. Okay, [Read More]

Experienced Bad Mom’s Month in Review


I survived Back to School and am enjoying a breather before the insanity that is Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas descends upon us. It seems like the perfect time to review what’s been going in the EBM household this past month. Below, you’ll find a smattering of Facebook posts that only a few of you saw (since Facebook only [Read More]