The Best Beachy Waves Tutorial

Beachy waves done by the stylist vs. beachy waves I can do myself! As found on

Do you ever go to the salon and get your hair done? Looks great when the stylist does it, right? Then it’s the next day. Suddenly, what the stylist made look *so easy* is impossible to replicate. But, you try. I present below my stylist’s rendition of beachy waves, immediately followed by my rendition of beachy waves: How’s [Read More]

Lose the Cape, Save Your Sanity

Lose the Cape is a practical, easy-to-digest book full of helpful tips and personal stories from moms just like you.

As I took my car into the shop last week for yet another repair, I realized I still had to print out the Brownie permission slip for camping and turn it in with a check later than night. Plus, did I sign my daughter’s homework? I needed to make sure I washed my son’s lacrosse [Read More]

14 Things I Remember about Being 14

14 Things I remember about being 14

In March, I waxed nostalgic about the 30th anniversary of a favorite movie of mine, The Breakfast Club. What I didn’t make explicit then, but will now, is that I was 14 years old when that movie came out. To be honest, I pretty much hated being 14. But something dawned on me as I [Read More]

I’m on Scary Mommy!

I'm on Scary Mommy!

I’m excited to share that a post I wrote last week, If The Breakfast Club Were Parents Today, is being featured on Scary Mommy! If you’re dropping by from Scary Mommy for the first time, then welcome! I blog about the humorous things in life, everything from my parenting mishaps, to my misadventures in Disney World, [Read More]

What I CAN Do

What I Can Do

I have a background in Early Childhood Education. One of the best things I learned while doing my studies, and then teaching in daycare centers, was how to reframe a negative into a positive. For example, when I was little, our teachers used to tell us, “Don’t run in the hall.” Today, though, you’ll hear [Read More]

Mommy Reality Challenge – Breaking Bads

Happy New Year Break Your Bad

I’m excited to be co-hosting the Mommy Reality Challenge for the next two weeks. It’s a casual, awesome, REAL group of moms who tell it like it is – no Pinterest or Facebook Super Divas here! My thanks to Jen at Jenerally Informed and Celeste at Leapfrog and Lipgloss for letting me co-host. Read on to [Read More]