10 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Be a Senior Citizen

Wearing sweatshirts with embroidered birds on them is just one reason I can't wait to be a senior citizen! Check out the other 9 funny but true reasons in this light-hearted post.

Before going to a rock concert recently, I realized I would be staying up waaaaay past my usual bedtime of 10:30. To prepare, I tried to eat healthily the day of the concert, drink lots of water, nap, and…oh, who am I kidding? I drank a giant soft drink, wished for the best, went to [Read More]

Hearing These Five Sounds Mean You’re a Mom

Hearing these five sounds, such as the lip-smacking of a hungry newborn, mean you're a mom! Come see if you agree with these sounds of motherhood.

I used to cry when I heard it. The smacking of teeny, tiny newborn lips. My ravaged, raw breasts — trying so hard to get the hang of breastfeeding a newborn — would clench defensively. Together with the hungry cry, the wet cry, the poopy cry, and the gassy cry, that lip-smacking sound announced to [Read More]

12 Things I’ve Learned in 12 Years as a Parent

Check out these 12 funny, true, and sweet things I've learned in my 12 years as a parent. Do you agree with these lessons?

July marks my “Mamaversary”, the anniversary of when I became a mom. My son turns 12 and I can’t help but look back in wonder at the last dozen years of parenting and reminisce about all that I’ve learned. Nor can I refuse the urge to share with you all that I’ve learned. Here are my words [Read More]

Experienced Bad Mom, Dream Crusher

Experienced Bad Mom, the Dream Crusher!

“Mom, I NEED to take gymnastics,” stated my daughter, 8. She was out in the backyard doing cartwheels. “You already took gymnastics,” I replied casually. “Mom, no, everyone I know is taking gymnastics. I want to do gymnastics so bad.” “You already took gymnastics,” I repeated. “Once, when you were in preschool. And then just [Read More]

The Best Beachy Waves Tutorial

Beachy waves done by the stylist vs. beachy waves I can do myself! As found on experiencedbadmom.com.

Do you ever go to the salon and get your hair done? Looks great when the stylist does it, right? Then it’s the next day. Suddenly, what the stylist made look *so easy* is impossible to replicate. But, you try. I present below my stylist’s rendition of beachy waves, immediately followed by my rendition of beachy waves: How’s [Read More]

Lose the Cape, Save Your Sanity

Lose the Cape is a practical, easy-to-digest book full of helpful tips and personal stories from moms just like you.

As I took my car into the shop last week for yet another repair, I realized I still had to print out the Brownie permission slip for camping and turn it in with a check later than night. Plus, did I sign my daughter’s homework? I needed to make sure I washed my son’s lacrosse [Read More]