Experienced Bad Mom’s Month in Review


I survived Back to School and am enjoying a breather before the insanity that is Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas descends upon us. It seems like the perfect time to review what’s been going in the EBM household this past month. Below, you’ll find a smattering of Facebook posts that only a few of you saw (since Facebook only [Read More]

The 7 Levels of Yard Sale Hell


You know all those blog posts about how to have an amazing yard sale? All that Dave Ramsey-like advice about having a yard sale to raise money to pay for something? How yard sales are green, frugal, and just plain awesome? Yeah. Unfortunately, having a yard never goes well for me. In fact, after my [Read More]

A Letter to My Son’s Betta Fish


I’m pleased to be writing a letter to my son’s new Betta fish today. My son received his Betta fish as a birthday present and christened him “Mr. Bubbles”. Dear Mr. Bubbles, Welcome – and consider yourself warned. We’ve hosted lots of goldfish in these hallowed halls over the years. Many have come and none [Read More]

A Peek into Experienced Bad Mom’s Week


It’s summertime and when I’m not busy sitting on my deck, watching the maple leaves gently blow in the breeze, I’m usually inside watching crappy reality TV like “Celebrity Wife Swap” with Barry Williams and Joe Piscopo. (The ironic part of watching that particular episode is that neither Barry nor Joe had wives. What the what?!) [Read More]

Things I’ve Stepped On Since I’ve Had Kids


Huh. That was a new one. I looked down at my feet and the object upon which I’d just stepped. It was a plastic cup. And not a drinking cup, but a protective cup from my ten-year-old’s baseball shorts. Now how did THAT get on the living room floor? It could be the strangest thing [Read More]

How to Spoil Charlotte’s Web

charlotte's web ebm

My seven-year-old daughter and I were sitting on the couch watching some TV. An ad for “Charlotte’s Web” came on. 7yo: Charlotte’s Web! We have that book at school! Me: It’s good, isn’t it? But sad. 7yo: I know, because of Wilbur. Me: Wilbur? I think it’s sad because Charlotte dies. 7yo: CHARLOTTE DIES? Me: [Read More]

Don’t Send THIS to School


My children, ages 10 and 6, have both finished kindergarten. However, I still feel trained from their time in kindergarten to save every single empty box, canister, or toilet paper roll. That’s because the kids always needed such items for kindergarten projects, particularly the construction corner. The construction corner was where they taped toilet paper [Read More]