What My Son Doesn’t Want You To Know


We sit in the doctor’s office for yet another yearly check-up. As my eyes sweep the small examination room, I wonder if I will ever NOT think about how this room must have been built in 1982, what with its faux wood paneling. “Mom,” my lanky eleven-year-old says. “Remember?” Smiling, he then smacks his lips slowly, [Read More]

Where is the Strangest Place You Ever Breastfed?


The crickets. It’s the crickets chirping in the air that signal the end of summer to me here in Michigan. The nights get cooler and the crickets chirp louder and more often. The sun, which never seemed to set just a few weeks ago, goes to bed by 9 pm. And it is this late [Read More]

I Am Mom Enough

Most of the folks reading my blog are parents, grandparents, and a few soon-to-be parents. So I think the majority of you must have heard, read, or seen the controversial new Time Magazine cover: Now I won’t go into a thoughtful discussion of this cover like the one you’ll find over at The Mommy Psychologist, [Read More]