The Top 10 Highlights of our Disney World Trip

Top 10 Highlights of Disney World Trip

We had a great time on our recent vacation to Disney World. Five days filled with walking, riding, eating, and more! When you take a family of four to Disney World, there will always be memorable moments. Here are the Top 10 Highlights of our trip to Disney World: 1. As I mentioned in a [Read More]

The Time We Went Looking for Hidden Mickeys


“Go look for hidden Mickeys,” my husband said with a wave of his hand. Our family of four had just checked into our room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. The kids were bouncing off the walls at the realization that we’d finally arrived at the Happiest Place on Earth. But my husband and I needed them [Read More]

Off to Disney!

Off to DIsney

It’s that time of year again. My family is headed to Disney World for a little fun in the sun. Loyal readers know that something crazy ALWAYS happens to us while we are there. Okay, maybe not crazy , but we always have some incident to laugh about upon our return. While I’m gone, feel free [Read More]

Elsa and Anna’s 10 Favorite Christmas Songs

Frozen Christmas Songs

If you have kids or grandkids, then you’ve probably seen Frozen. If you have young  kids or grandkids, in particular, then you’ve probably seen Frozen no less than 3,281 times. I’ve had a lot of fun experiencing the Frozen phenomena through my seven-year-old daughter. It’s a great movie with terrific characters, songs, and heart! Elsa, Anna, [Read More]

Our 2013 Trip to Disneyworld, Part II

Now that I’m sitting down to chronicle the remaining tales of our time at Disneyworld last week, I feel silly. Because, really, who cares? We went to Disney World and looking back it was fun. But when you’re there, it’s hard not to take it seriously. Every moment, every decision, every Fast Pass procurement is [Read More]

Our 2013 Trip to Disneyworld, Part I

I’m baaaaaaccccccckkkk. Yes, folks, we survived and thrived during our 2013 trip to Disney World. A good time was had by all and no ducklings were ripped to shreds in front of our eyes by a giant hawk. (Seriously, there is NO WAY that the Pool of Death story from last year can ever be [Read More]

What’s in a Name?

I was in the car with Sydney, 5, and we found ourselves discussing the Disney princesses. Mulan came up. “Mulan is a funny name,” said Sydney, wrinkling her nose. Eeek! My daughter’s a racist! I automatically thought in a split-second. She’s offensive to all Chinese people because she’s dissing Mulan’s name! I need to teach [Read More]