I Am Mom Enough

Most of the folks reading my blog are parents, grandparents, and a few soon-to-be parents. So I think the majority of you must have heard, read, or seen the controversial new Time Magazine cover: Now I won’t go into a thoughtful discussion of this cover like the one you’ll find over at The Mommy Psychologist, [Read More]

Newborn Picture Perfect

I mentioned in my Pregnancy v. Parenthood post a couple weeks ago that I know a lot of expecting mothers. One of them had a baby girl last week and she’s adorable. I know this because exactly 1 week after being born, this little baby had the sweetest newborn photos posted on Facebook. You know, [Read More]

The Half Way Mom

I usually make fun of myself on this blog. I point out how inane things like my son talking about his butt, or my daughter loving the Disney princesses, reflect back on me as a bad mom. I mean, really, butt talk is NOT classy nor are the princesses the healthiest role models. My husband [Read More]

Moving soon!

Thanks for visiting experiencedbadmom.com! I’ll be moving soon from Blogger to my own domain, but in the meantime, please check me out here: www.experiencedbadmom.blogspot.com Katy