When I Met Rick Springfield

Meeting Rick Springfield

The year was 2000. My husband and I were ensconced in a hotel room in beautiful downtown Canton, Ohio. We had come to celebrate the millennium with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, of which my father, a former professional football player with the Los Angeles Rams, was a member. My husband was geeking out. [Read More]

One of Those Weeks

One of Those Weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks when life is crazy, everything seems out of control, and you want to hide under the covers and cry or sleep? If you haven’t had one of those weeks, then stop reading and please visit another blog. If you have, then keep reading and commiserate with  me! [Read More]

I Am Mom Enough

Most of the folks reading my blog are parents, grandparents, and a few soon-to-be parents. So I think the majority of you must have heard, read, or seen the controversial new Time Magazine cover: Now I won’t go into a thoughtful discussion of this cover like the one you’ll find over at The Mommy Psychologist, [Read More]

Newborn Picture Perfect

I mentioned in my Pregnancy v. Parenthood post a couple weeks ago that I know a lot of expecting mothers. One of them had a baby girl last week and she’s adorable. I know this because exactly 1 week after being born, this little baby had the sweetest newborn photos posted on Facebook. You know, [Read More]

The Halfway Mom

I usually make fun of myself on this blog. I point out how inane things like my son talking about his butt, or my daughter loving the Disney princesses, reflect back on me as a bad mom. I mean, really, butt talk is NOT classy nor are the princesses the healthiest role models. My husband [Read More]

Moving soon!

Thanks for visiting experiencedbadmom.com! I’ll be moving soon from Blogger to my own domain, but in the meantime, please check me out here: www.experiencedbadmom.blogspot.com Katy