The Unexpected Perks of Being a Working Mom

There are many well-known benefits of being a working mom: the mental stimulation of the workplace, financial independence, etc.

But there are unexpected perks, too. Take for instance the other day when I was standing in my kitchen surrounded by walls teeming with my children’s artwork. Suddenly, I realized that I had three whole office walls with room available to hang new artwork! And so my list of the unexpected perks of being a working mom was born:

workingmomperks1. You have extra walls in your office on which to hang your children’s artwork.

2. You have coworkers who can buy the candy/gift wrap/pizza/popcorn/cookies that you sell for your children’s fundraisers.

3. You have coworkers who have “been there, done that” when it comes to parenting. And they survived to tell the tale!

4. You can pee without someone banging on the door wondering where you are.

5. You might have an uninterrupted thought at work.

6. You only have to buy food for yourself at the cafeteria AND no one will beg you for candy or gum in the cafeteria’s checkout line.

See? Quite a few unexpected perks!

Is there anything you would add?


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    You have your own space … in our home office, there is always random kid stuff cluttering our desk. And my 3 yo is a little klepto who takes things from our office and hides them in other places of the house. Last night my husband and I spent 30 minutes looking for the light remote. Grrr! It was in her kitchen set, of course!
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    Even though I miss my family like crazy, a HUGE benefit of being a working mom who occasionally travels is company-paid dinners out and kid-free nights in a hotel room. A giant king-sized bed all to myself, with no chance of being awoken at 2 a.m.? A little slice of corporate heaven!
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