This Week’s Funny Stuff

Every Friday I love to share what’s made me laugh this week. I’ve got some rules to live by, a cute “Mom Fail” story, and, of course, some funny tweets for you this week.

Rules to Live By

First, are you sick and tired of winter? Me too! My mental capacity to tolerate snow and cold has vanished. Thankfully, my 7yo wrote these handy-dandy winter rules to refresh my memory:

funny stuff0306

Mom Fail

Second, here’s a great Mom Fail story for you, submitted by a dear reader:

My name is Adele Dazim* and I drive an older Honda Odyssey mini-van. This week the electronics on my sliding doors stopped working. I could open the doors manually, but not automatically. I googled this problem and it looked like it was going to cost hundreds of dollars to fix the electronics. But, what’s a mini van without automatic doors? So I took it in to the dealer. The diagnosis? I had the child safety lock button pushed in on my driver’s door. The dealer pushed the button “off” and the doors work fine!

*not her real name. Not anyone’s real name.

Funny Tweets



What made you laugh this week?

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