This Week’s Funny Stuff Starring My Kids

This week’s funny stuff hearkens back to my blogging roots. That’s because I’m sharing the random things my kids said that just made me laugh!

Who’s Marky Mark?

My ten-year-old son and I were watching Nickelodeon. A commercial came on for the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards, hosted by Mark Wahlberg.


10yo: Who’s that?

Who’s that? I thought. You don’t know who Marky Mark is? 

Me: He’s an actor. He’s my age.

10yo: So he’s old?

Free Ice Cream

My 7yo and I were in the car.

7yo: Mom, is ice cream free in heaven?

Me: Yes.

7yo: Then crash the car!

What happens at the mall, stays at the mall

My husband took our daughter–a sweet 7-year-old, just a wee first grader–to the mall.

What did they do there? I’m not sure.

But they sent me this picture:


Hoping you laugh a lot today and this weekend! I’d love for you to tell me a joke or something funny that happened to you recently in the comments.


Technical stuff: Mark Wahlberg photo courtesy of Nickelodeon at
Ice cream photo courtesy of rakratchada torsap/


    • Katy says

      Oh, I was devasted when I learned Marky Mark was about half a foot shorter than me. I can’t pull a Nicole Kidman and date a short guy, sorry!

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