Top 3 Oscar Moments on Twitter

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I confess that I was able to watch almost all of it, except for the middle part where I sort of fell asleep. Oh, and “watch” is a relative term. Mostly I had it on in the background while I checked my Twitter feed like a crazed lunatic.

That’s because Twitter made the Oscars so much FUN last night. And here are my Top 3 reasons why:

1. Ellen’s star-studded selfie.

If you are living under a rock, then let me explain. Ellen DeGeneres jumped into the audience and took a selfie with Jennifer Lawrence, Brad and Angie, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Lupita Nyong’o, etc.! Then she dared the world to retweet it. I couldn’t say no, and neither could >2,000,000 people. Fun!

  2. KFC, aka Kentucky Fried Chicken, showing me some Twitter love. As I randomly spouted off my opinions on Twitter last night,  KFC plucked one of my tweets about Kristin Cavalleri from the Twitterverse and nominated it for an award. Yes, I’m pleased as punch that one of my random tweets landed as the 3rd nominee for the Sauciest Tweet Performance of the Night:

Alas, I did not win a bucket of chicken, but it was an honor just to be nominated.

3. The whole wait for Idina Menzel to sing “Let It Go” and then John Travolta butchering her name.

Seriously, folks, as the night wore on, there were 95,281 moms on Twitter getting angrier and angrier that Idina Menzel hadn’t yet sung “Let It Go” from Frozen. She was the very last Best Original Song nominee to sing and us moms were cranky about that. We had to go to bed so we could get up and make lunches and get ready for work. She finally performed fabulously after 11pm EST, but only after John Travolta famously butchered her name:

Twitter took notice and immediately an account for @AdeleDazim was launched! Too funny! Those were great Twitter moments during the Oscars last night. And here are some more awesome tweets that made the whole thing so much fun:




Now it’s your turn. What was your favorite Oscar moment from last night?


  1. says

    I totally missed your KFC nom! haha!!

    I loved the speech at the end from the 12 yrs A Slave people dedicating the award to all the slaves, past, and unfortunately, present.

    As for LOLs, the Travolta thing was a hoot!
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    I did not watch the Oscars, but I did watch some of the Tweets and facebook stuff. I’m waiting to get back to my work computer to watch some of the “best of” videos that are all over YouTube. Congrats on your KFC award. Another friend of mine got one of those too!
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    • says

      It’s funny, I really didn’t think I would watch them. But then, suddenly my husband was off somewhere. And suddenly, the kids were busy watching something in the other room. And then, suddenly Twitter was so much fun to hang out on as the Oscars were on! I couldn’t have planned it, so I’m just glad it happened.
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      The pizza was great – I’m so glad it was a real, regular delivery guy. And Brad Pitt passing out paper plates! Hilarious.

      I’m still wondering why we haven’t heard from John? I figure he should embrace it and be sorry, poke a little fun at himself, but I bet he’s taking his mistake seriously and moved under a rock somewhere!
      Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom recently posted…Top 3 Oscar Moments on TwitterMy Profile


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