The Best Birthday Party Game for Kids

The Best Birthday Party Game for Kids

My daughter is blessed with a December birthday, which means that I’m usually planning her birthday party along with all the holiday rush. I’ve thrown home parties and “destination” parties and one constant remains: There is one game that is hands-down the best birthday party game for kids. It’s simple. It’s free. There is nothing [Read More]

Memories are Made in Christmas PJs

Christmas Memories in Joe Boxer

When I think of Christmas, many things come to mind. The ultimate gift of the season, of course, Jesus. Then there’s Christmas cookies (hey, I’m keeping it real!), Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, and even Christmas pajamas. Indeed, I have several sweet and silly Christmas memories that involve Christmas pajamas. Today I’m pleased to be sharing them [Read More]

That American Girl Christmas

An American Girl Christmas

I’m pleased to be sharing one of my favorite tales of Christmas past on Kelly McKenzie’s blog, Just Typikel, today. For those of you unfamiliar with Kelly, she is a hilarious blogger with 2 grown kids and a sparkly mom in her 90s. Their adventures – and the warmth and humor with which Kelly shares [Read More]

The Ultimate Mommy Christmas Wish List

Ultimate Mommy Christmas Wish List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Except if you are a mom. That’s because there’s the season’s planning, budgeting, and juggling added on top of your everyday amount of planning, budgeting, and juggling. All whining (and reality) aside,  it’s pretty good being the ultimate caregiver and provider of love, affection, magic and toys this [Read More]

Elsa and Anna’s 10 Favorite Christmas Songs

Frozen Christmas Songs

If you have kids or grandkids, then you’ve probably seen Frozen. If you have young  kids or grandkids, in particular, then you’ve probably seen Frozen no less than 3,281 times. I’ve had a lot of fun experiencing the Frozen phenomena through my seven-year-old daughter. It’s a great movie with terrific characters, songs, and heart! Elsa, Anna, [Read More]

Have a Funny and Happy Thanksgiving

Who ate all the pumpkin pie?

May you and yours have a fun, fabulous Thanksgiving! (And if you’re in Canada, then I hope your Thanksgiving last month was great!) Enjoy some Turkey Day humor courtesy of Do you have a favorite cartoon about Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite dish at Thanksgiving?