Hallowe’en Family Fun at Greenfield Village


My kids are at great ages – 11 and 7 – for enjoying all things Halloween. That’s why I’m pleased to tell you about our visit to Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village this past weekend. Many thanks to The Henry Ford Museum for providing me and my family with passes. All thoughts are my own. Have [Read More]

What My Son Doesn’t Want You To Know


We sit in the doctor’s office for yet another yearly check-up. As my eyes sweep the small examination room, I wonder if I will ever NOT think about how this room must have been built in 1982, what with its faux wood paneling. “Mom,” my lanky eleven-year-old says. “Remember?” Smiling, he then smacks his lips slowly, [Read More]

5 Things I Love about October


Halloween is the Mariah Carey of October. That said, even someone like me, who prefers summer to any other season, can find lots of other, less dramatic things to like about October. Here’s my 5 favorite things about the tenth month of the year: 1. Candy pumpkins With apologies to candy corn, our family prefers [Read More]

My Pet Peeve

My Pet Peeve

Have you visited GameStop before? It’s a video game store mostly staffed by people who have not seen the sun in several years. Every now and then my tween gets a GameStop gift card so we shop there. On one such occasion, the clerk asked if we were in the rewards program. I didn’t know, [Read More]

The Grandparents Next Door


When it comes to my neighbors, I miss the grandparents next door. Three years ago, we moved our family of four from an 1100 square foot home to our current abode. But what we gained in space, we lost in connection to our old neighbors, Bill and Maureen. Bill and Maureen were the grandma and grandpa [Read More]

Experienced Bad Mom’s Month in Review


I survived Back to School and am enjoying a breather before the insanity that is Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas descends upon us. It seems like the perfect time to review what’s been going in the EBM household this past month. Below, you’ll find a smattering of Facebook posts that only a few of you saw (since Facebook only [Read More]