7 Life Lessons I Learned from the Facts of Life


I gave my daughter the “Jo” hairstyle last week: It made me happy to recreate that iconic hairstyle sported by Jo on the TV show the Facts of Life, even though my daughter had no idea who “Jo” was! But it turns out that the “Jo” hairstyle made you happy, too. All day long on social [Read More]

The 7 Levels of Yard Sale Hell


You know all those blog posts about how to have an amazing yard sale? All that Dave Ramsey-like advice about having a yard sale to raise money to pay for something? How yard sales are green, frugal, and just plain awesome? Yeah. Unfortunately, having a yard never goes well for me. In fact, after my [Read More]

The Best Advice for Parents of Middle Schoolers


My oldest started middle school this week. In preparation of this momentous occasion, I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid over and over. Its contemporary portrayal of the middle school years, and how the parents survive them, is all I’ve got to go on! Which got me thinking. Maybe there are others who have gone [Read More]

Back to School with Humor and Grace


I titled this post “Back to School with Humor and Grace“. But who am I kidding? There’s no grace. Only humor! Indeed, amidst the shopping, planning, packing, strategizing, scheduling, shuttling, worrying and praying that surrounds the Back to School season in my house, there is only one thing that gets me through it: alcohol, I [Read More]

Be a Hero, Join the Cause, Do the Super Run!


It’s fun to have this blog and share my personal thoughts, humorous stories, host giveaways, and connect with people around the world. It’s also a privilege, because I can use this space to spread the word about important causes. Such is the case today. I’m pleased to tell you about the Super Run! What is [Read More]

Where is the Strangest Place You Ever Breastfed?


The crickets. It’s the crickets chirping in the air that signal the end of summer to me here in Michigan. The nights get cooler and the crickets chirp louder and more often. The sun, which never seemed to set just a few weeks ago, goes to bed by 9 pm. And it is this late [Read More]