How to Be the Best Mother to a Middle Schooler


My oldest enters middle school in about 6 weeks. I am not prepared. My educational background is in Early Childhood Education. I know all about what’s developmentally appropriate up to and including age 8. My mothering experience thus far has led me to keep both a 7-year-old and an 11-year-old alive and breathing. Perhaps they [Read More]

A Letter to My Son’s Betta Fish


I’m pleased to be writing a letter to my son’s new Betta fish today. My son received his Betta fish as a birthday present and christened him “Mr. Bubbles”. Dear Mr. Bubbles, Welcome – and consider yourself warned. We’ve hosted lots of goldfish in these hallowed halls over the years. Many have come and none [Read More]

Tweet #ShopCartons to Donate Trees this Month!


This post is brought to you courtesy of Choose Cartons. Loyal readers know that my very favorite social media outlet is Twitter. Me and Larry Bird do some serious tweeting. Wait, actually my tweets are anything but serious! (If you’re new around here, read up on my love affair with Twitter). That’s why I’m exited [Read More]

How to Buy a Bra the Experienced Bad Mom Way


It was a girls’ weekend. My husband and son were away at a baseball tournament and I had a whole weekend to hang out with my best gal – my seven-year-old daughter. We were going shopping, getting pedicures, hitting the movies, and playing at the park. First things first, I needed a new bra. And [Read More]

A Peek into Experienced Bad Mom’s Week


It’s summertime and when I’m not busy sitting on my deck, watching the maple leaves gently blow in the breeze, I’m usually inside watching crappy reality TV like “Celebrity Wife Swap” with Barry Williams and Joe Piscopo. (The ironic part of watching that particular episode is that neither Barry nor Joe had wives. What the what?!) [Read More]

My Working Mom Story on Breadwinning Mama


Did you  know that I juggle? Not with balls or bowling pins, silly! But the kind of juggle that most moms face and accomplish – the juggle of work, kids, marriage, activities, life, etc. Today I’m talking about my juggle as part of Breadwinning Mama’s weekly series on working mamas. Check out what I do [Read More]

Mom, you look like…


Has anyone ever told you that you look like a celebrity? Every now and then, someone tells me I look like Princess Di. I’ll take it! Of course, every now and then someone tells me I look like Alice from the Brady Bunch. Hmm. But the other day my seven-year-old daughter told me I looked [Read More]